Great Accessories for Cast Iron Skillets

Here are a couple of very convenient accessories for your cast iron skillets.

 Silicone Handle Covers

If you have made to this website, I’m sure you have experienced a blazin’ hot cast iron handle after a cooking session.  One of the reasons we love cast iron is it’s property of heat retention but it’s also the reason the darn handles stay so hot.  Well, the good folks at Lodge know all about this issue.  They now carry Silicone Handle Covers. They protect your hands or whatever else you might touch the skillet handle with up to 450°F which take care of most situations.  One key thing to keep in mind is this is a one-size-fits all kind of product and in my opinion Lodge should have, maybe, offered a couple other sizes.  So, for this product we recommend that it is used for skillets that are 10″ or larger.  The smaller skillets, like a 6.5″, have much shorter handles and this makes the silicone covers move around.  Please keep this in mind and this trade off makes this handle cover favorable over a cloth cover.







Lodge Polycarbonate Pan Scraper

The other great accessory is the Lodge Polycarbonate Pan Scraper. This little tool allows you to clean your cast iron cookware well without using soap or compromising the sought after non-stick seasoning. The polycarbonate material is strong and hard enough to allow all the food remnants to be scraped away yet the scraper will not scratch up your cast iron. The scrapers come in a pack of 2 and can be used for all your cast iron cookware. One of the key features is that each of the corners on the scraper is shaped differently, allowing you to clean every nook and cranny of your cookware.